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73208 Catalina Way , Palm Desert, CA  922260   (760) 345-5370  

Helene’s Learn to Swim

Helene’s philosophy centers on progress, not always perfection in her swim instruction.
She genuinely cares about the students she teaches and their swimming experience. It’s important to her that the swimmers enjoy their time with her, while sharing a safe and positive time together.
Every swimmer learns a little differently and she is able to offer her clients a diverse and flexible approach to swimming.
She takes special care with those who are fearful or apprehensive, realizing their unique needs and concerns.

The Skills Parent/Child
(Under the age of 3)
This program is a water orientation program that introduces some of the basic swimming skills such as arm movements, kicking, reaching for the side of the pool and learning how to climb out of the pool.
Level 1
(Age 3 and up)
Introduction to Water Skills
Entering/exiting the water
Opening eyes under water/retrieving submerged objects
Introduction to treading water
Introduction to flutter kick - front & back
Safety topics
Level 2
Fundamental Aquatic Skills
Open eyes in water/retrieve submerged objects (chest-deep water)
Back float - 15 seconds
Change direction while swimming Treading
water - 15 seconds
Combined arm & leg actions on front & back - 15 feet
Safety topics
Level 3
Stroke Development
Sitting or kneeling dives - (deep water)
Survival float on front - 30 seconds in deep water
Treading water - 30 seconds in deep water
Change from vertical to horizontal on front & back in deep water
Elementary backstroke - 15 yards
Safety topics

Level 4
Stroke Improvement
Standing dive in deep water - compact & stride positions
Swim underwater - 3 to 5 body lengths
Survival swimming - 30 seconds in deep water
Treading water - 2 minutes using 2 different
kicks (scissor/whip/rotary)
Butterfly - 15 yards
Safety topics

Level 5
Stroke Refinement
Shallow angle dive - deep water
Shallow angle dive with glide - 2 body
lengths into any stroke on front
Pike surface dive - submerge completely
Tread water - 5 minutes
Butterfly - 25 yards
Elementary backstroke - 50 yards
Sidestroke - 25 yards
Safety topics
Level 6
Swimming and Skill Proficiency
Personal Water Safety Skills
Fundamentals of Diving
Fitness Swimmer

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